Web Software

Creating Competitive Advantage Through Superior Web Technology

Our web software team brings years of experience developing highly usable and technically elegant web software with experience ranging from portals with millions of users to small intranet applications. Our work is based on the following principles:

  • Great Process: From the beginning of listening to a client's needs through development, client training, and ongoing support, our software designers in tandem with experience account support staff ensure that projects stay on schedule and in budget.
  • Addictive User Interface: We take the comfort of users very seriously. Our software interfaces aim to be remarkable in their simplicity, intuitiveness, and aesthetic.
  • Near Zero Training: Designing software well minimizes the need for costly and onerous training.
  • Programming Excellence: From years of experience, our programming team understands how to develop successful software.

Ideal Clients

  • Successful Small and Medium Size Companies looking to invest in technology to grow to the next level
  • Entrepreneurs and Start Ups looking to make excellence in design and technology a core business driver from day one
  • Companies with existing legacy or dated applications that are looking to take advantage of modern user interface capabilities