Mobile Apps

The world is going mobile, and your customers are actively seeking applications that support their on-the-go lifestyle. Whether your target is the established Apple iPhone marketplace or if you're going after the new, booming Google Android market, TopFloorStudio is ready to place your company in the hands of your customers. Our team of mobile designers and engineers will take your vision and make it go. Get mobile with TopFloorStudio!

Mobile Development Services:

  • Platform Market Introduction
  • Design Planning
  • Project management
  • UI Design & Development
  • Platform-based Programming
  • Market Planning
  • Distribution
  • Marketing

Specialized Mobile Packages:

As a client of TopFloorStudio, you don't have to know about mobile applications yourself in order to get the ball rolling. With a few simple visualization meetings, we can turn your mobile idea into a distributable product and/or service!