Chamber Tour Mobile App


Having built our local Asheville Chamber website and having been an integral player in various nation-wide organizations and member-based associations, TopFloorStudio is well versed in the specialized need of Chamber of Commerce and similar institutions. We have assembled a powerful, turn-key package that includes a front-end mobile interface for visiting patrons (download-able via their smartphones) and a back-end admin panel for your Chamber's members that allows the members to modify the various listing details and offerings they're willing to give visiting patrons and users of your new Chamber app. This package features...

  • A branded presence in the appropriate app stores with new mobile market SEO benefits
  • A new talking piece and visual imagery for your Chamber site and member newsletter
  • An included QR reader that has been optimized for quick business profile info
  • The ability to import your existing city or member district map
  • The ability to plug in specific points on the map that would represent real-world QR tag points
  • The ability to view member profiles with hours of operation, their offerings, available coupons and more
  • The ability to tag places you've been and have yet to go either in a map or in a list format
  • The ability to view all members in a list, on the map or to search for them by name or keyword
  • The ability for you to share a member profile or offered coupon with Facebook, Twitter, etc.