Campus Map Mobile App


TopFloorStudio is proud to have worked with several educational institutions around the nation and to have provided both front-end and back-end, multi-user support systems. Each institution's needs are unique and most often have to fit within tight budgets while simultaneously serving the demands of several departments. While we have always provided and will continue to provide custom solutions, we're offering our new Campus Map App which is geared towards educational institutions as well as general campus environments. This package includes the following features...

  • A branded presence in the appropriate app stores with new mobile market SEO benefits
  • A new talking piece and visual imagery for your current web presence or general marketing campaign
  • An included QR reader that has been optimized for speed and ease of use
  • The ability to import your existing campus map
  • The ability to plug in specific points on the map that would represent real-world QR tag points
  • The ability to plug in small, visual and text tags for specific map points
  • The ability to tag places you've been and have yet to go either in a map or in a list format
  • The ability to offer up a reward (via an unlocked reward page) upon completion of a campus tour